Centre for Regulation in OTC Financial Instruments and Technologies (CRFIN) is a non-profit self-regulated partnership aimed to make the retail off-exchange Forex market a rightful member of the Russian financial industry.

Our mission is to promote creating effective mechanisms at the off-exchange segment of the Forex market which are necessary for development, transparency, civilized and convenient business environment and protection of interests for market participants.

CRFIN develops and implements standards and regulations governing activities of the Partnership members, supervises compliance with the standards and regulations, and performs analysis of the Partnership members’ activities.

One of the results of the partnership activities is a continuous improvement of the service quality at the Forex market. CRFIN has been developing principles and rules of professional activities, uniform standards of business practice and conduct for the Partnership members.

The Organization assists its members in exercising their legal rights and interests. Owing to the establishment of the CRFIN Arbitration Tribunal and inclusion of the arbitration clause in the underlying agreements with the members, the organization may act as an arbitrator if any conflict occurs between the Partnership members, or between customers and the Partnership members.